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From: Mark Sullivan
Subject: hazel-and-brown-5Hi. I'll stop apologising for it being slow, since if you're still
here you probably don't mind. And BTW, if you've sent me email and
I haven't replied, it's only because I just discovered about hotmail's
junk mail filter and how it sometimes misfiles emails. So I don't
know if there's anyone who's been filtered out, but if so, sorry.Anyway, read on ...
## ##
Micah gets up first, and I lie in bed watching him get dressed."We should probably leave separately. Otherwise the neighbours might
think we've been, you know.""Well, we have been, you know."He frowns. "Well, we don't have to announce it.""It's not as if they didn't hear you last night anyway." I smile.
"But if you like, I can create a diversion, while you slip out the
bathroom window as soon as I give the signal ..."The frown gets more ferocious. I'm immediately sorry -- I'm not
intending to piss him off, my annoying sense of humour just gets the
better of me sometimes -- and I try to look more contrite. "Sorry, my
blond god of lovin', I wasn't trying to hassle you. I'll see you at
uni later today, you know, if you don't already have something
planned.""What did you call me?""My blond god of lovin'.""That's the stupidest name I've ever heard." He laughs, the frown
disappearing. "Until maths, then.""'K." We kiss again before he goes out the door.##Later we meet up outside the maths lecture. Micah's talking to
another guy. It just makes me happy to see him, spunky and fine and
wanting me on top of it all. I'm sure I'm smiling like an idiot, so I
tone it down. Go slow, go slow. Lolitas Bbs
He catches sight of me, and
hesitates a bit. I'll just say hi and keep Lolitas Bbs walking past; if he wants
to sit next to me in the lecture he can.But he stops me with a, "Hey, Gid. This is John," nodding to the
guy he's with. "John, Gideon." He pauses a bit after that."Hi. I'm in Micah's squash comp, just transferred here. Micah's been
showing me the ropes." After I say it I have a mental flash of him
literally showing me some ropes -- along with what he might do with
them -- even Lolitas Bbs though I'm not into B&D, at least I don't think I would
be, the thought's funny and arousing at the same time. Just about
everything about Micah is, though. But I make sure not to smile on
the outside.We chat for a bit, and then it's time to go in. There's the usual
scrum when the hundreds of us students pour through the door at the
end of the previous lecture, and so I take advantage of it. Micah's
just in front of me, so I push the front of my hip against his arse,
and hold it there for a second. Then, holding my backpack as cover, I
run my hand quickly up his side. I'm not sure if he's going to jump,
but he takes it in his stride; and when we get in, he turns his head
slightly and, noticing that I'm still behind him, he stops suddenly as
if he's deciding where to sit so that Lolitas Bbs
I run straight into him, and
holds himself against me for a couple of seconds."You're such a klutz," he says, and smiles broadly.##"So what did you think of it?" Lolitas Bbs I ask."I thought it sucked."I guess I look a little taken Lolitas Bbs
aback. He smiles. "After all, I've just
learnt that sucking isn't a bad thing at all. Actually, the movie
really was pretty good, even though it's not my usual thing."It had been "Bend It Like Beckham", for a combination of the football
(and glimpse of David Beckham at the end), the story, and a
recommendation by Karen, who hadn't seen it yet but heard it was good
from a friend of her sister's, or something like that. No real
surprises about who was going to end up with whom, but you don't
always want to be surprised. Except I was surprised, in a good way,
by the music, it was really catchy, especially the Indian songs. Have
to see if I can get the CD. The music, combined with just being there
with Micah, made me feel happy, totally lighthearted."So should we maybe go to your place?"Of course, being somewhere where the lights were down, it'd been
impossible to stop from touching each other. There was lots of
`accidental' touching reaching for the popcorn, him rubbing his leg
against mine, the hairs brushing against each other since we were
wearing shorts which ended up being indecently high by the end, me
leaning against his shoulder and surreptitiously stroking his arm. He
has really nice forearms. I have a bit of a thing for them, the flat
plane on the top, the way the muscles flex, and the way you can get
the hairs to stand on end by the gentlest touches running your finger
along them. I don't think I've ever eaten so much popcorn in the
whole of my life put together before this. And so, of course, we're
right now both pretty aroused. I can see it under Micah's shorts --
it's funny, Lolitas Bbs I'm definitely mostly a face guy, and I don't normally
check out guys' crotches, although I know it's supposed to be the
standard thing -- even if I don't have any gay friends to compare
notes with, I read the inner-city gay papers -- but just now I realise
that if I can tell what's going through Micah's head, and more
importantly body, then all those times when I've been ...Oh well, too bad. And I really do want us to go back to my place.So we do. It's a ten minute walk, and we're running up the stairs to
my apartment by the end, and then stand on the landing outside my door
laughing. I open the door and go to the sink to wipe my hands, still
with lots of popcorn grease on them.He comes up behind me, puts his arms around me and his head over my
shoulder, and says, "So what are you going to cook for me this time?"I touch his face with my unwiped hand. "Popcorn."He draws his head back quickly and laughs. That pushes him closer to
my arse, and I can feel that he's really ready. I wonder what it
would be like to be fucked? Especially by him? I don't think I'm
ready yet, but the thought of what he'd look like, sweaty and on top
of me, pushing, really turns me on.I turn around in his arms and take off his shirt, then push him onto
the bed. Then his sandals and shorts and boxers -- no wonder he was
showing so much after the movie -- and then it's just him. I'm still
fully clothed, so with one hand I start taking off my own stuff, and
with the other start lightly tracing designs on his chest and his
arms. He goes to sit up, help me with undressing, but I push him back
and shortly I'm naked too. Then I kneel between his legs, spread and
bent either side of me, and use both hands to trace patterns on him.
He's sensitive, but not too ticklish: perfect. I move to the inside
of his thighs, and his cock, already hard, twitches. Twice, then
three times. "Come on, please ..." So I slide along his body and
grab his cock, already slippery, and slide along that too; and at the
same time reach his neck, and gently bite. And he comes.When I look at his face, he's almost angry. "I don't have a medical
problem or anything. I don't know why ...""Look, babe, it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, it's a real
turn-on that you react to me like that. And I don't think you realise
what I get out of it. Even if all I ever did was touch you, I'd get
off on that."He doesn't look convinced. I continue, "OK, so I'm a bit weird. But
I'll prove I don't need to come, and am happy just touching you: I
forbid you to make me come."He half-smiles. "Fuck, you are weird.""Right. Now turn over, and just let me hold you."So he turns on his side, and I lie behind him. My cock is still hard,
but I don't need to come. It just nestles comfortably between his
arse cheeks. My head is just near his shoulder blades, and I notice
all the freckles on his back. One large one in the centre of the
blade, like a beauty spot, Lolitas Bbs if a back could have a beauty spot. He has
pretty good skin. One arm underneath his head, the other over his
side. I run that one along his side, and notice the goosebumps,
despite it being warm and unairconditioned. I love that.I trail my hand across him, to his left pec. His arm under mine is
golden, the slight round of the bicep, darker on the outside, one
solitary vein running along the inside. The whole shape of it at this
moment just amazes me. I pull him closer to me, tightening my arm
around him. And my dick, sliding up between his cheeks, jets its
first burst of come. I try to hold it back, but there's no use. So I
just press deeper and let the rest follow.I can feel Micah shake under me, and I laugh too."Oh well, so much for that plan," he mumbles."Yep. Must have stuck to it for all of three minutes.""I can't imagine anyone wanting to make a porno of us, really."It strikes me as hilarious, and I can't stop laughing."You know, I really like being with you," he says."Same here."After a while he says, "It's kind of a shame you don't have a TV or
DVD. Otherwise we could have skipped the whole cinema thing and
watched the movie here, and stayed like this the whole time." He
wriggles suggestively."Mmm." Then I fall asleep.##Micah breaks my concentration while I'm taking down notes in the
lecture. "So I'm off for a week then." Micah doesn't look ecstatic
about it. I hope not, too."Where to? And when?""Byron. You wouldn't guess it, but my parents are total ex-hippies.
And we're off on Saturday. I guess I didn't mention it because I just
didn't want to think about it."That's the first week of the mid-semester break. He'll be back for
the second anyway. I might have skin withdrawal though. And I'll
miss hanging around with him more."How about we go back to my place tonight then?""Mum's going to think I'm really conscientious with all this
studying."##"Hey, you have a TV. And a video."All thanks to Rentals-R-Us. A bit of a search on the web found them,
and the TV and video are mine, on a temporary basis, for just $29 a
month, `preloved'. I've worked out I can afford them by working an
extra half day a month for Steve's dad, and cut back on the reading a
bit. "Yep. Nothing but the best for you. Only a couple of major
dents, plus a video motor that sounds like a tortured budgie.""Probably not too different from listening to all of your Kylie CDs, I
guess."I don't have a lot of any sort of CDs, much less Kylie. Not that I
have to switch the radio over when she comes on, but I don't go out of
my way to listen to her. "Nope, don't have any.""I thought it was compulsory." Can I hear the echo of a 'for you
people' in Lolitas Bbs there? Don't jump to conclusions."There was the complimentary CD when I was recruited to 'play for the
other team', but I think I used it as a frisbee. I guess I forgot to
give you yours."He smiles, but looks a bit surprised at the same time. Maybe he
hasn't quite thought it all through yet."Anyway, I rented a movie too, 'Sliding Doors'. It's supposed to be
OK."Maybe it is, but I don't really find out. We get on the bed, Micah
between my legs, and start watching. After about five minutes I
decide I'd be more comfortable with my shirt off; Micah's shirt coming
off would make me more comfortable too. Ten minutes later the shorts,
so we're just in boxers. After that we watch the movie for a while,
but I'm not paying too much attention. "Who was that again?" While
he's trying to explain, I bite his neck -- there's going to be a
hickey there tomorrow. After that we decide to switch off the movie.
I guess I'll find out what happens some other time.##It's Friday, and the last time I'll see Micah before he goes off
a-hippying. He's out the front of the library with one of his
friends. Gaz? I don't know them that well yet; in fact, I don't even
know which of his friends he's really close to, if any."We're missing you at touch footy," says Gaz to Micah."Well, exams and all, y'know. Gotta study."Just then Micah turns his head. He's wearing a polo shirt today,
but even the strategic choice of having the collar up doesn't prevent
a glimpse of the hickey."Man! Looks like you had a wild time recently," says Gaz."Errh, yeah.""So how far did you get? Was she a goer?" Gaz is pretty much leering
by now."Errh, yeah.""You told me it was one of the best you'd ever had," I interject.
"The hot body, great legs, top sex." I look at Gaz. "The man's
obviously a sex machine.""Fuck yeah," says Gaz. "Even more than in school. He could leave
some for the rest of us occasionally."Gaz isn't bad looking, so he probably doesn't have too much trouble,
although the girls I know get Lolitas Bbs turned off by the whole 'Was she a goer'
attitude as much as I do. Lolitas Bbs
But I don't spare much thought for Gaz's
looks and chances because I notice that Micah is glaring at me.Fuck! Why do I say these things? I'm sorry, I'm sorry."Right, I've gotta go," says Micah."So see you back here with long hair and a flower power T-shirt then,"
I say, in a pathetic attempt to change the mood."Maybe." He turns and starts walking away. Then he turns back to me.
"I'll give you a call or something.""OK." I watch his back as he goes. I try to make sure things look
normal. "Friggin' maths assignment. You doing maths?" I ask Gaz."Nah, hate it. Hey, you play touch?""Yeah, sometimes.""Well, how about now? Take Mike's place.""Sure thing." I follow him out to the lawn by the lake.##I call Jared later. "Whatcha doin?""Just hanging around. I might need to fill in at work if Michelle
can't make it, otherwise I was thinking of going out. Won't know for
about half an hour.""I'll invite myself along then. Where to?""The Oaks, maybe.""The Oaks? Are you aiming to be some yuppie woman's boytoy or
something?""Nah. They've Lolitas Bbs just started live music nights. And it's $3 pasta.""I'm sold.""Unless you want to go somewhere to check for talent.""Nope." I think about Micah, in lectures, in bed, and smile. Talent
aplenty."I can hear you smiling. It's that Micah guy, isn't it? How long's
that been going on? You bastard, you didn't tell me, after I tell you
everything. No wonder I hadn't heard from you for ages."While I'm giving him a rundown -- not too many details -- he gets a
call on his other line, and it turns out he doesn't have to work. So
in about an hour he's over at my place, and we're ready to go.We talk as we go, and I've pretty much filled him in when we get
there. It's pretty much like I expected, but the food's good despite
being so cheap. It's still a citadel of corporate straightness
though; I'm wearing my Xena Warrior Princess shirt as a kind of
shield.Which is probably why a guy comes over and says, "Don't take this the
wrong way, but can I get you a drink?""What's the wrong way?""Um, never mind." He looks more uncertain now."Hey, I think you're right, but -- don't you take this the Lolitas Bbs
wrong way,
in case I'm wrong -- I'm taken."He smiles a bit. "I figured you were." He glances at Jared. Jared's
actually checking Lolitas Bbs out a woman a couple of tables away."No, no, not him. My guy's out of town. But if you'd like to have a
drink with us, you're welcome. I was expecting it'd be wall-to-wall
suits tonight."Half of Jared's attention is still on the other table, but the guy
comes and joins us. His name's Gianni -- one Italian parent -- and
he's studying history at uni. He seems pretty nice. It just
reinforces my belief that you only get people being interested in you
when you're taken, even if there's no way for them to know. Just a
conspiracy of the universe.## ##
There's still probably going to be 7 or so parts, but I'm going off
overseas (hurrah!), so the next one won't be posted for a couple of
weeks. At least I haven't left you with a cliffhanger. Or have I?
Maybe it's a very subtle one.As before, email to is most welcome, although
I mightn't have a chance to answer it until I get back.
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